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UMMC President Discusses Mosaic Group’s ‘Reverse The Cycle’ Program on Crosswinds

Nov 15, 2022 | News

In this installment of the podcast Crosswinds, Tom Robertson of Vizient interviews Alison Brown, President of the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus in Baltimore. In the interview, Alison outlines initiatives—including Mosaic Group’s ‘Reverse The Cycle™’ program. Vizient states,

“From interdisciplinary rounds and transitional care teams to coordinated post-discharge care for chronically ill and socioeconomically vulnerable populations, Alison shares experiences viewing patient needs through both an ‘inside-out’ and an ‘outside-in’ lens. Our conversation turns to an innovative Maryland program involving ‘peer recovery coaches’ to assist emergency patients battling substance abuse.”

During the interview, Tom Robertson asks Alison to describe the unique and universal challenges face with regard to workforce. In her response, Alison describes Mosaic Group’s ‘Reverse The Cycle’ program:

““What workforce do you need to care for people that are traditionally underserved, historically underserved, and marginalized… What kind of positions do we need in our outpatient centers to fulfill this vision of partnering with people. It includes community health workers, it includes care managers, it includes people we recruit from the community to be embedded in our practices to meet with people to understand what their housing needs are, what their transportation needs are. These are folks that don’t have professional degrees. But what they do is they relate to people in a way that builds a trusting relationship to be able to provide the kind of advice and guidance that people need.”

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Crosswinds is a series of casual conversations with national thought leaders hosted by Tom Robertson, executive director of the Vizient Research Institute. New episodes released every month feature the brightest people in health care considering questions that others haven’t thought to ask – always remarkable, never exactly what you’d expect, and having fun along the way. Crosswinds: Two old friends sitting in comfortable chairs… talking.

The Crosswinds podcast is available at AppleGoogleAndroidSpotify and Stitcher.

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