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“Positive Shift: Mosaic Group’s Reverse The Cycle Model Enhances Attitudes in Hospital ED Staff”

Dec 28, 2023 | News, Our Impact

A Pilot Study on the Correlation Between the Reverse the Cycle Model and Staff Attitudes Towards Patients with Opioid Use Disorder

In collaboration with the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Systems Evaluation Center and with the support of research funding from Innovations in Recovery through Infrastructure Support (IRIS), Mosaic Group proudly presents the outcomes of a pilot study conducted across six Maryland hospital emergency departments (EDs). This initiative utilized Mosaic Group’s Reverse the Cycle (RTC) program to investigate its influence on staff attitudes towards patients with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).

Key Objectives of the RTC Model

At the core of the RTC model is a crucial goal — the reduction of stigma towards patients with OUD and their medications. This innovative program, recognized for its effectiveness, addresses the need for a comprehensive hospital substance use response. The RTC program is designed to streamline emergency department overdose response, incorporate medication-assisted treatment, and implement interventions led by peer recovery coaches.

Research Methodology

The pilot study involved 66 ED staff members across the six participating hospitals. To assess attitudes towards patients with OUD, The Drug and Drug Problems Perception Questionnaire was administered. The results revealed a statistically significant relationship between increased exposure to RTC and positive attitudes towards this patient population.

Positive Outcomes

The observed shift in attitudes was notably attributed to enhanced role adequacy and increased staff satisfaction. As staff members became more exposed to the RTC program, their perceived knowledge about OUD improved, enabling them to provide better advice to patients. Simultaneously, job satisfaction levels increased as they felt more capable in executing their roles effectively.

Understanding the RTC Program

The RTC program is a multifaceted, year-long initiative that commences with the establishment of a dedicated ‘change team.’ This strategic approach ensures a comprehensive and sustained impact on emergency department operations, overdose responses, and patient interventions.

Mosaic Group’s Contribution

As the consulting firm behind the nationally recognized RTC program, we take pride in contributing to the positive transformation observed in ED staff attitudes towards patients with OUD. The success of this pilot study reaffirms the efficacy of the RTC model in fostering a more supportive and informed healthcare environment.

Learn More

For additional insights into Mosaic Group’s innovative programs and their impactful contributions to healthcare, we invite you to explore more about our Reverse the Cycle program. At Mosaic Group, we are committed to driving positive change and facilitating better outcomes in healthcare systems across the nation.

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