What We Do 

Complex Planning for Sustainable Change

Creating sustainable change across sectors and organizations can be a challenging endeavor. Without a shared vision, clear outcomes, stakeholder engagement, facilitated collaboration, and other critical factors, transformation is often destined to fail. However, at Mosaic Group, we have decades of experience and a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve systemic change in organizations and communities like yours. We specialize in guiding our clients through the complex process of change, helping them to develop effective strategies and implement sustainable solutions that make a lasting impact.

How We Help

At Mosaic Group, we know exactly who to bring to the table and how to unite disparate missions to achieve shared goals. We work with you to develop community-centered solutions that foster cross-sector collaboration and strategic problem-solving.

Engaging All Stakeholders and Building Strategic Partnerships

Sustainable change requires collaborative effort from various sectors. We have vast experience engaging stakeholders at every level—from the grassroots to boardroom, across different departments and disciplines—to ensure buy-in and the implementation of effective solutions that will have a lasting impact.

We guide you throughout the entire planning process. We help you clearly define where you want to go and how to get there, from assessing your needs and strengths to building consensus with stakeholders.

Our approach combines information from your unique culture and locale with our decades of experience working with other communities and organizations, as well as evidence-based strategies and best practices. We conduct comprehensive workflow analyses and develop customized protocols that integrate every aspect of the implementation puzzle, helping you to clearly define your goals and chart a path forward towards sustainable change.

Capacity Building, Culture Change, and Team Integration

As experts in public health, behavioral health, and social welfare, we use our knowledge base and lived experiences to provide dynamic trainings and team capacity building. We create systems to help interdisciplinary teams effectively communicate, collaborate, and thrive. We use impactful data and real-life success stories to address stigma, build a shared vision, and catalyze positive cultural change. We help organizations evolve towards an integrated, whole-health approach to care.

Monitoring and Evaluation for Quality Improvement

With interventions in place, we strengthen your tools to measure impact (for example, by modifying electronic health records to gather critical data and build meaningful reports). We assess performance, diagnose improvement needs, and provide intensive technical assistance support for program improvement. We facilitate regular meetings to review progress towards outcomes and deliverables.

Ready to Implement Systemic Change?

Contact Us Today. Whether you’re seeking to improve access to healthcare or motivate lifestyle changes, Mosaic Group has the tools and expertise to help you close gaps and open doors to new opportunities.

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Our Impact

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